Sarah Luddington Author PhotoThis website is designed to give all those interested, a way to access my writing, read snippets and purchase some of my work. I have published and unpublished manuscripts here, some are still being written, some are in the editing stage. Browse as you wish but be warned, I write both violence and erotica. I also write about homosexual relationships for which I’ve been hauled over the coals for daring to suggest King Arthur and Lancelot might be lovers. If this offends you then leave, because I am not apologsing¬†for writing something interesting, new and perfectly natural. I openly support gay rights. If you want to argue with me then go for it, I dare you.

I write love stories, they are violent,¬†action packed and often homoerotic but they are never dull, at least that’s what people tell me. If love is half as painful as some of the stories I’ve written, then maybe it ought to come with a health warning. I am an old romantic who thinks love makes the world go round. However, love generates passions which aren’t always so physically pleasurable. My stories, some about redemption, some about saving the world from the ultimate evil, some about obsession, are fun, fast paced and pure fantasy – FOR ADULTS! A theme I’ve thought of in one is often carried into the next. I have a style of writing that’s designed for those who devour books quickly. I have no literary pretensions although I do study everything from the oldest myths to how great TV and film writers create stories so I can learn from the best. I want my books to be accessible and fun, therefore the language is contemporary, even in the historical fantasy novels, and the action more Spartacus than 2001 AD. I have a subject I enjoy and I guess I write more for myself than anyone else, it helps to get the voices out of my head!

Personally, I have been everything from a tree grower, to a book binder, a barmaid and cleaner. For years I ran an award winning full time martial arts company and taught three disciplines within my club. I hold three martial arts black belts and have a degree in Medieval History, which comes in handy if I ever need to use either an English or Japanese sword. I have achieved all this despite having once lived in a squat in an abandoned Victorian schoolhouse. I currently work for my publishing company Mirador Publishing and run my own imprint with their help – Glastonbury Publishing. My husband and I now live with four cats in the middle of nowhere, just left of the end of the universe and around the corner from a Hobbit Hole and a wardrobe…

Music is my inspiration and my love. Live music the one thing I will actually leave my house for voluntarily. My links page is full of the bands I think should be compulsory listening but apparently I’m in the minority! One thing I will say – any reference to a band is made with due respect and reverence.

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